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Tooth Pain 

You’re enjoying a delicious pizza or a big slice of chocolate cake and ice cream – then, OUCH! Not much can get your attention like a toothache. It can be that same tooth that’s been giving you problems, or something out of the blue ranging from a mild ache, a dull throbbing pain, or a four alarm bell ringer.


Call Burlington Dental immediately. Don’t let tooth pain get even worse. Home remedies are temporary at best and at worst, wasted time could lead to more problems and more expense to correct. Think of tooth pain like “My Messenger” – it lets you know when something isn’t right.


More often than not, a toothache is the result of a cavity, a cracked tooth or infection. But, what you may think is a toothache could also be a jaw disorder, periodontal disease or a dozen other causes.


Our team of dentists at Burlington Dental will listen as you explain how you feel, the degree of pain and its location. A thorough examination is next, followed by x-rays and a full discussion in a matter of minutes to develop a sensible, affordable care plan for you.

Almost 1 of every 4 adults reported some form of facial pain in the past 6 months.


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