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Get ready for your first appointment.



Here are some things to do, prior to your first visit to Burlington Dental -

Fill out the New Patient Form online

Request an Appointment online

Bring your form of verification

Bring recent dental x-rays if possible

We've got you

First visits, to just about anywhere, can cause some butterflies and maybe a bit of stress. Dental offices are right up there on the first visit stress chart. Fear not… Burlington Dental to the rescue. Our dentists, clinicians and staff are all about making sure you receive a pleasant greeting, guide you through an initial consultation and listen to your concerns.


First visits to a dentist should start early. It’s generally recommended that a child meet the dentist within 6 months of his or her first tooth. The purpose of a first visit to the dentist, whether young or old, is to begin building a non-threatening, comfortable relationship. Early dental assessment in childhood can nip a number of potential issues in the bud. It’s the start of an on-going educational process for both child and parents.


If it’s been awhile since you’ve seen a dentist, or you’re a new visitor here at the clinic, it’s our priority to assure your comfort and recommend you take part in a basic oral examination. A series of x-rays and cleaning will provide a clear picture of your dental health.


If you’ve had a recent visit to another dentist with cleaning and x-rays, we welcome you as well to Burlington Dental. Perhaps you’re interested in cosmetic dentistry and want to learn more about tooth whitening or veneers. You may have an orthodontic question about the Invisalign process of teeth straightening, or you just want to know more about our practice.


We look forward to getting to know you better and to offer the highest quality professional dental care for you and your family. See you soon!

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