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Dental Smile

Dental Exam

Remember your mother saying, “I’m scheduling your dental appointment – and you’re going.” “But mom, I’ve been brushing and flossing every day.” Mother knew that was fine, but it was never enough. Great. Now another boring exam and the dread that maybe they’ll find something like a cavity that has to be filled. 

There’s no need to be apprehensive by going to the dentist anymore. You’ve got a great smile and you want to keep it forever. Our experienced team at Burlington Dental knows that going to the dentist isn’t quite the same as attending a concert or a day at the beach. You’ll be greeted and escorted to your chair by one of our friendly dental staff who wants to make you feel comfortable.

You’ll be asked a few questions to learn if you have any dental concerns or past problems, allergies, any meds you’re taking, or maybe a recent illness. By listening to you they can better understand how to give you the best dental care.

The first step is to assess each patient individually and to make sure your teeth are professionally cleaned – removing any buildup and polish your teeth to make them sparkle. That lets our dental team begin a simple, yet thorough, inspection of your mouth and teeth. Not everyone has a perfect smile and it’s good to know if problems exist before they get worse – at all ages.

So now it’s either time to be on your way, or further discuss with the dentist what options are recommended that you can choose to resolve issues that the exam uncovered. Rest assured, you’re in good hands at Burlington Dental.

Research shows over 90% of systemic diseases have oral manifestations.


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