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Broken/Chipped Tooth

You take a spill on the ice or a sports accident happens and you notice a tooth is chipped or broken. Depending on the location of the tooth and how visible it is — panic sets in. You’re afraid to smile, you cover your mouth and your world has turned upside down.


That’s the bad news… the good news is Burlington Dental has same day options to restore your tooth, avoid extraction and send you back to work, school or on that must-do project.

When you visit the office, our experienced dentists will provide calm assurance to take the stress away and explain the different solutions to make your tooth like new. A thorough examination will show which tooth has been damaged, the size of the chip or if a crack is present.


Cosmetic bonding with a composite resin that matches your tooth color may be the least expensive option if the chip is minor. Other options, depending on the condition and location of the tooth in your mouth, may include bonding an all ceramic veneer or all ceramic crown.


Burlington Dental is fully prepared to offer same day service on a chipped or broken tooth – diagnosis, preparation of the tooth and restoration.

A minor tooth fracture usually involves chipping of the enamel, but a fracture can also be caused by the undermining effects of tooth decay.


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